Types of Tea in Japan and their Health Benefits!

In Japan, tea is the most commonly drunk beverage nationwide, and so there are many types of Japanese tea available.

Sencha is the most commonly consumed green tea in Japan. Newly sprouting leaves are harvested early in the harvesting period and are sorted into different grades based on leaf quality. Oxidation (which turns green tea into black tea) is prevented by immediately steaming the leaves after harvesting. It has a grassy, fresh taste. Sencha tea has many healthful benefits including:

    Reduce blood pressure
    Protect your immune system
    Increase your energy
    Balances cholesterol levels
    Stimulates the brain’s cognitive activity

Matcha green tea is produced by using tea leaves that are shade-grown, and then stone round into the green powder that we know and love. It’s antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are the most concentrated of all tea grown in Japan, and benefits can include:

    Boosted metabolism
    Lowered cholesterol and blood sugar
    Relaxes your mind and body

Hojicha is a type of tea grown in Japan that is made from the roasted stems and leaves of tea plants that are harvested later in the year than other types. It is also naturally caffeine free, as the tea is roasted, and so gives a warm, nutty flavor profile. It is a popular drink in Japan at all times of the day, and its healthful benefits include:

    Improves your dental and oral health
    Can help you to relieve stress
    Reduces cholesterol levels
    Can improve your skin health
    Helps to enhance your weight loss

Kamaraicha is produced by “pan-frying tea” leaves; this green tea has a roasted but sweet flavor enjoyed by many in Japan. This method of preventing oxidation of the tea leaves originated in China and was brought over to be used in Japan in the fifteenth century.

This type of tea is a fantastic weight loss aid, and can even help with diabetes and cancer. It is a powerhouse of catechins, an antioxidant that we need to combat free radicals in our bodies.

By Tamntea – 07/10/2018