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Gerry is so knowledgeable about Japanese tea- whether about the “brewing process”, rituals of tea drinking and the types of tea. You won’t be disappointed when you work with Gerry

Andi Costello

Great customer service and the best teas I’ve ever tasted. I am learning so much about the culture of tea and how versatile and amazing it truly is, just from the way this tea is packaged. Gerry gives step-by-step instructions on how to brew tea perfectly, and also gives some background and history of each tea as well. It came beautifully wrapped and would make an amazing gift!

Jane Ponte

Delicious doesn’t begin to describe these teas! As a coordinator for a recent vendor event, Gerry’s tea booth was the absolute favorite!

Kay Beizel

For green tea lovers, he has chosen the right region and has guaranteed freshness and quality through his personal connection with growers. That’s smart!

Luis Matos

Oh my goodness, the tea is smooth and delicious. I just finished 2 cups of AYUMI. Even my husband said it was good, and he is not a tea drinker!

Julie Shiery

Top quality, fresh and direct from family tea farms in Japan. I love this product! I am now a Green Tea Snob! Who knew there was such a thing? It is delicious and I feel a difference in my body when I drink it. Thanks Ichigo!

Jennifer Kane