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High Quality  Specialty Teas


Ichigo Trading and Travel Company specializes in small batch, seasonal and specialty teas specifically from the Southern-most island of Japan, Kyushu. Our partnership with small, generational Japanese family farms allows us to provide the freshest, most vibrantly flavorful and unique teas directly from our producers to you.

Experience the delicate balance of umami, aromas and a variety of health benefits from the most exceptional quality Sencha, Matcha, Houjicha, Cocha(Japanese Black Tea) and Kamairicha, a rare specialty tea from Kyushu. Come take an exotic journey with us, and experience the story of Japan’s third largest island, blessed with rich soils, a warm climate, and exceptional seasonal teas.

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Graphic Credit: Aldo Bloise/IKKYU-Tea

Photo Credit Aldo Bloise/IKKYU-Tea